The POWERPULL DS 600 is a double sided Neodymium fish magnet with very high pulling power.

This fish magnet can be attached in two ways: from above and from the side.
This fish magnet can be used on two: from above and from the side.


  • type magnet: Neodymium strong magnet
  • Attraction 600kg double-sided (total 1200kg) *
  • Extremely diameter of 135mm (kern 100mm!)
  • Extremely thick magnetic disc (outside height: 41mm)
  • Weight excluding rope 4kg
  • Extra thick steel casing (17.5mm) for protection of the fish magnet and magnet fishing along sheet piles
  • Includes 20 meter rope (high quality, better resistant to wear)
  • Includes manual for successful and responsible magnet fishing and search tips
  • Free sturdy gloves